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10 Reasons to join CIRFS

CIRFS is an industry association that offers a neutral platform for its members to meet and discuss within strict antitrust rules.

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• See monthly statistics per fibre on production, deliveries, stocks
• Get information on industry capacities, trends and economic analysis
• Receive free annual worldwide fibre yearbook
• Get access to detailed monthly trade data from 68 countries
   and for 40 product groups

• Represent the industry directly with European and international authorities
   and get support through lobbying on all issues of interest
• Participate in the elaboration of draft position papers
• Reinforce the voice of the industry with key stakeholders

• Have trade defence actions introduced in case of dumping or subsidies
• Get help in merger cases
• Influence EU developments and upcoming legislation
• Receive guidance and support on trade-related and internal market issues

• Receive all relevant information on sustainability issues
  affecting the industry
• Exchange best practices and be part of the voice of the industry
  towards external stakeholders
• Get advice on Life Cycle Analyses/ecofootprints for man-made fibres

• Receive advice and get expertise on REACH
• Have input in risk assessments
• Issue monitoring and management, e.g. ETS carbon leakage status

• Get counseling in the official registration of new fibres
• Achieve harmonized standard test methods for the man-made fibres industry
• Participate in Technical Committees and get direct link to ISO and CEN
• Receive technical documentation and access to resource library

• Get information on European research programmes and guiding opportunities
• Be supported in research projects
• Be involved and unite with industry, and academia at the
  Dornbirn Man-Made Fibers Congress

• Get Members-only resources and information on website
• Receive internal position papers and reports
• Access global press data about developments in man-made fibres

• Get information on fibres and companies through website
• Contribute to raising positive awareness of man-made fibres
  and promoting their use in textiles
• Receive free newsletter (activity report)

• Exchange views at all levels on a neutral platform within strict antitrust rules
• Learn through participation in committees
• Get information and influence downstream and upstream through CIRFS
  memberships (textile/apparel and chemical industry) and contacts to
  many other industry associations
• Improve business connections through global man-made fibres network