Related Organisations

CIRFS has regular contacts with a number of related organisations, listed below. 

CIRFS is also an affiliate member of CEFIC and a member of EURATEX.


CIRFS-related organisations 

BISFA - International Bureau for the Standardization of Man-Made Fibres

Dornbirn Global Fiber Congress - CIRFS is co-organising and sponsoring this event


EU and internationally related organisations 

EURATEX - European Apparel & Textile Organisation

CEFIC - European Chemical Industry Council

ABRAFAS - Brazilian Man-Made Fibre Producers Association

AIUFFASS - International Association of Users of Artificial and Synthetic Filament Yarns and of Natural Silk

JCFA - Japan Chemical Fibres Association

KCFA - Korean Chemical Fibres Association

PlasticsEurope - Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe

ANIQ - Mexican Association of Chemical Industry

APSyFI - Indonesian Synthetic Fibre Makers Association

CCFA - China Chemical Fibres Association

TMMFIA - Taiwan Man-Made Fibre Manufacturers' Association

TSMA - Thai Synthetic Fibre Manufacturers' Association

Japan Carbon Fibre Manufacturers' Association

EDANA - European Nonwovens Association

ESTC -  EMEA Synthetic Turf Council

EUROCORD - European Association for Ropes, Twines & Nets

IWTO - International Wool Textile Organization

NCTO - National Council of Textile Organizations 



Specialist Man-Made Fibre Consultants

PCI Wood Mackenzie

IHS Markit - Chemical Industry Market Intelligence

Tecnon Orbichem