Product to Customer and Consumer

The product of the man-made fibre producer is a fibre or a multifilament yarn, which is basic material for development to a (technical) textile construction. This product, just like the natural fibre, is sold to a next step in the textile supply chain, and can be weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing, and conversion to the end product. These operations are carried out on industrial installations and operations which have to meet the legislation in place. Sustainability is also a key priority for these operations,  as these so-called textile after treatment processes have not always been the most environmental friendly. Dramatic improvements have been made in dyeing and water contamination. But also the man-made fibre producer has contributed to this by supplying fibres for many applications, eg. for carpets which are dyed during the fibre production process, eliminating the need for water and energy-intensive dyeing at a later stage.

Transportation can be an issue between the different steps in the supply chain, and energy use can be substantial, depending on the production location and markets. Man-made fibre producers do have systems in place to improve logistics, to reduce distribution costs and to save on energy and CO2 emissions, as well as systems to reduce the volume of packaging material and to make environmental friendly choices regarding the packaging material of choice.

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