Production Processes

Responsible care

Long before the focus on sustainability, MMF was already committed to the global Responsible Care Initiative. The aim of the Responsible Care Program is to achieve ongoing improvement in protection of the environment, plant safety and in safeguarding the health of consumers and employees -independent of legal requirements.

The contribution of MMF to the Responsible Care Program has been tremendous from the point of view of saving on raw materials, energy and water, reduction of waste and reduction of emissions, for over 20 years.  And last but not least it has repeatedly resulted in new products and improved processes, and rapidly excluding ideas that did not deliver a product meeting responsible care targets or sustainability requirements.

Management systems

Sustained success can only be met if adequate management systems regarding quality and environment management are applied. At all operations these management systems are in place. Typical systems are ISO 9000 and 14000 series (14040, 14044), EMAS (Eco management and Audit system), etc.

These management systems do not only control but also guide ongoing improvements in safety, the work environment and protection of the natural environment. Application of these management systems minimises the probability and the consequences of accidents of whatever nature, reduces the impact of the operations, processes and products on the environment, prevents pollution, and optimises the use of natural resources.


Not only the production processes are certified according the implemented management systems, in many cases the products are certified as well. A typical example is the Oeko-Tex certificate.

For more specific information on applied management systems and specific actions we refer to the websites of our members.